Chiphall Lake Trout Fishery Tuition

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Office: 01329 833295
Mobile: 07776 256792

North Field Farm
Droxford Road
PO17 5AZ

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  • Tuition for fishing at Chiphall Lake, a Trout Fishery located near Wickham, Hants Hampshire

    We are more than happy to give you advice and demonstrate how to cast, tie knots, retrieve, where to fish, what flies to use and how to play a fish for free, after all we want you to enjoy your day at Chiphall.

    Some may prefer some dedicated tuition and we have access to some experienced fly fisherman that will spend as much time with you as you want providing Tuition to teach you the following;

    • Setting up your tackle
    • Casting
    • Fish Behaviour
    • The best way to fish the lake
    • Fly selection
    • Fishing techniques
    • Playing a fish

    Please call for availability and rates.

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